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Ute on Fire

Posted on: 22 Nov 2021

Ute on Fire

This doesn’t usually happen outside our house


Today was a very strange day, the power was out for over 2 hours and so I decided to work in the garden until it came back on.  At around 2.40 pm just when the power came back on, I heard a very large bang and then noticed a vehicle was on fire outside our house. 

I went and got the driver Nelson (who was not hurt just shaken up) to come into my house.  (Sorry I broke the covid rules.)   Our house is very close to the road so we all went out to the back garden.

Quite scary but after 15 minutes the local fire brigade turned up and put the fire out. 

Thanks to the emergency services for putting out the fire and saving my trees!  Quite ironic the brand-new Ute that caught fire was from the local electricity company that was helping to restore our electricity!!! An eventful day indeed.