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Natural Bumblebee Pollination

Zonda supplies self-contained bumblebee hives for pollination.

Growers are seeing the many benefits of using bumblebees to achieve essential pollination. Bumblebees are effective pollinators of crops in greenhouses, under-cover and in open-air crops.


Biological Crop Protection

Zonda provides biological crop protection by using beneficial bugs for the natural control of plant pests and diseases. When natural enemies are used to control pests, the use of chemicals can be reduced and sometimes eliminated altogether.



 Above picture is a predatory mite ‘Spidex’ phytoseiulus persimilis for the control of two spotted mite.



Gourmet Waiuku Ltd, T/A Zonda Beneficials

79 Taurangaruru Rd

RD3 Waiuku, Auckland







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