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Advanced Hort offers the solutions

Advanced Hort offers the solutions

Side Shift and Fixed Benching


Advanced Hort offers three different bench types, Fixed benches, Side-Shifting benches, and Mobile benches. In the last 30 years, the basic principles of mobile benches have evolved to a well-tested and proven concept.

The mobile benches are a perfect stepping stone in upgrading a nursery for multiple reasons.

​Side shifting and Mobile benches allow a far greater percentage of your greenhouse to be used for production, rather than requiring valuable areas to be used for walkways.

​Benching systems can also be used with Ebb & Flood Bench Tops as well as regular mesh top. The Ebb & Flood Benches provides fully automated irrigation for your crops, further improving the efficiency of your growing area.


  1. The basic components of the mobile benches consist of:
  2. Mobile benches (Ebb & Flood and regular mesh top bottoms, welded, self-assembly)
  3. Watering equipment (water supply and discharge, static watering booms).
  4. Multi-Move Lateral Transport (MMLT) sections (with pneumatic lift).
  5. Support and rail pipe components.

The automation components are:

  1. Bench transport robots.
  2. Bench automation (push, pull and lifting equipment).
  3. Plant handling (robots, grading equipment).
  4. Overhead transport (stacker, crane).
  5. Cleaning/disinfecting equipment.
  6. Control and visualisation software (PLC or PC based)


Above Image Fixed Benches

Image Above Sideshift Benches


Image Above Rolling Benches/System


Ebb and Flood Bench Tops


Ebb and Flood Benches offer the greatest and most uniform watering system available while improving ergonomics and OH&S compliance. Ebb & Flood Benches are very common in Europe and could be of great benefit to your bottom line.


Benches can increase your effective growing area by up to 30%, reduce your water use by up to 70% and reduce fertiliser use by up to 30%.


  1. Benches are tailored to your needs
  2. Highly resistant, chemical-proof and UV-resistant plastic ensuring a long lifetime
  3. Available in a range of sizes 
  4. Fast turnaround of crops
  5. ‘Quick-valve’ quickly floods and drains benches



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Contact the New Zealand Distributor

Nathan Hewson
Managing Director 
Advanced Hort Ltd