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Appleby Cup

Appleby Cup

Grant and Rose Fannin annual cricket match


Last Saturday (27th of February) cucumber growers Grant and Rose Fannin held the 7th annual Appleby Cup cricket match.  We have been attending the event for the past seven years and it has become a permanent fixture in the calendar.  The day started off with a few droplets from the sky but that quickly disappeared and the festivities began.  Dr Chris Ramsey, umpire and organiser, sorted the teams out and the cricket began.  There were the usual dropped catches, missed stumpings and lots of wides but there was also some big sixes and some great catches and some rather lucky runouts. 



This event has become synonymous with injuries, so to avoid the usual carnage that you would associate with a rugby game, the Fannin’s decided that after seven years it was time to lay a full-sized artificial concrete pitch.  The artificial grass did not quite make it in time for this year’s event but it did not matter as it is a 100% improvement on the hazardous pitches of the past.   

With mandatory warmups ordered by Dr Ramsey, it seemed all the bases had been covered and this year no one would get hurt.  Enter Mr Peter Collins.   I should explain that Mr Collins is in fact my father-in-law.  I was in the opposition and noticed Mr Collins coming out to bat, I pleaded with my captain to let me bowl to Mr Collins.  Now it’s not that I don’t like the bloke, but well he is English and I had a score to settle, especially after the black caps were robbed by England at the last world cup.   I decided to come off the long run with the inevitable (attempted) bouncer to proceed.  Mr Collins dually missed and I proceed to tell him the next one would be faster.  However, I decided to bowl a bit slower.  I must point at this stage no blood had yet been spilt.

The following delivery was a very friendly ball which was hit to mid-on.  The call of yes was heard from Mr Collins, I raced after the ball to pick it up and runout Mr Collins but he was at full speed and there was little chance of a runout, unfortunately Mr Collins body was going faster than his legs and a tumble on the freshly laid concrete ensued.  Mr Collins suffered multiple injuries including removing skin from his finger, elbow, knee and shoulder as well cracking three ribs.  However, in true ex-military fashion he continued the game to come back after all the blood had been cleaned up and bowl a match winning over.  I would like to thank the nurse on hand that attended to the wounded.


Thanks Rose and Grant for a great occasion for all of the family to enjoy.  The food and entertainment were excellent.  The cricket was not of international standard but was tons of fun.


Nice hat Grant.



Article written by Stefan Vogrincic

All Article’s checked and edited by Marie Vogrincic

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