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BASF Vegetable seeds announces new NZ Distributor

BASF Vegetable seeds announces new NZ Distributor

Lefroy Valley to Distribute Nunhems Seed Range


There have been some exciting changes for BASF Vegetable seeds with Lefroy Valley now the New Zealand Distributor for the Nunhems seeds range.  Paula O’Hanlon is also pleased to announce that she will be continuing her work with growers in her new position as Technical Sales Manager for Lefroy Valley.


The Global Specialist:

BASF is a reliable partner in optimizing production and marketing of hybrids and horticultural varieties obtained from your own research.

With innovative products and concepts, we create added value for everyone the components of the horticultural chain, from producers to consumers. The foundation of our success is derived from the close collaboration between our ‘Specialized Crop Teams’ with customers and partners.

Together, we improve the quality of life with healthy vegetable varieties that are affordable and tasty.


Your reliable partner in cucumbers:

BASF Vegetable Seeds is a leader in the cucumber segment in the main markets around the world.

Varieties such as Infinity, Hi Power (compact), Kasja, Director, Contador, Veolla, Elanor (Silor), Renoir, Orzu & Beesan and Bosco are successful examples of Nunhems cucumber varieties.

Our team of Cucumber Sales Specialists is present at the level global in all key markets with an extensive network and know-how.

Growers around the world can rely on advice agronomic and the support of our cropteam to optimize the cultivation, identify new market opportunities and sell in their products thus managing to grow their business.

Cucumber Variety Assortment


Equlibrato F1 * (NUN 58013 CUC)

This variety of the "parthenocarpic cucumber slicer" type is of medium vigor and is suitable for greenhouse cultivation. It is easy to grow and has a cycle medium with early ripening. It stands out for its high tolerance to highs temperatures and micro cracks.

The plant is open, generative and with good fertility throughout the production cycle.

The fruits are cylindrical, bright dark in color and have a constant presence of petiole and thorns. They are also characterized by high quality throughout the harvesting period and high post-harvest shelf life.

It boasts a good package of intermediate resistance (IR) to the mosaic virus cucumber (CMV), CVYV and powdery mildew. 


Mohan is impressed with Nunhems Equilibrato for fruit quality and consistency

On a recent visit to Franklin Agro owner Mohan Kuttappam has been impressed with Equilibrato Slicer Cucumber. Mohan has been growing Equilibrato commercially this autumn and throughout the winter and has been very happy with fruit quality and consistency of production. The current crop was planted 20th May and it was still looking fantastic 3 months on even after going through the winter. As expected fruit size dropped through the winter months but he said it ‘was acceptable for the winter market and this drop in size was only for a short period of time’. The fruit quality has been consistently good with a nice dark colour which the Mohan said the market has commented on. Mohan said the reasons he likes growing Equilibrato are that “there is no fruit missing” compared to other varieties he has grown that tend to flush and then no production. He also said that ‘disease has not been a problem with no powdery through the winter and he is very happy to have only had to spray 3 times. Up until now he has been pruning 1 on 1 off but is changing to 2 fruit on and 1 off. He is particularly impressed with the plant vigour having come through the shortest day and that it was still ‘growing like a new plant”. The plant head is still growing and providing cucumbers on every node meaning he does not need to take the head. When the head gets close to the ground he is simply clipping it to the wire and carrying on production.  Mohan is very impressed with the yield which will easily be 10 fruit per plant and most likely more as Equilibrato has a lot more to give. Mohan is so impressed he wanted to share his results and is planning on continuing growing Equlibrato with the next 10 day old planting looking good.

Equilibrato Season: Long Day: Spring, Summer, Autumn Growing Method: Umbrella Functional values: Reliable fruit production through the hot summer season: Dark green, cylindrical shape with some spines. Fruit has a sweet, bitter-free taste. Resistances: IR: CMV, CVYV, Px

Mohan Kuttappam, owner of Franklin Agro, has been impressed with Equilibrato


Above recently arrived superb Equilibrato plants from Gellert Nurseries

By using 'one fruit on and one of' there has been no fruit abortion.




For further information please contact:

Paula O’Hanlon

M: +64 21 731009

E: paulao@lefroyvalley.co.nz