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BEST of 2021 - Mt Wellington Wholesale Market Visit

BEST of 2021 - Mt Wellington Wholesale Market Visit

NZ Gourmet sending tomatoes to the market in boxes to reduce the risk of becoming infected with PepMV


BEST of 2021: This was the third most viewed article of 2021


Last week I was invited to visit the markets with Roelf Schreuder, Production Director of Protected Crops for NZ Gourmet and Glenn Forsyth, Local Sales Representative NZ Gourmet. We visited the market floors of Market Gardeners, Turners & Growers, Seeka Limited and Fresh Direct.

Amidst the outbreak of the Pepino Mosaic Virus, that has struck several tomato growing operations, NZ Gourmet have decided to pack their produce, for the NZ domestic market, into cardboard boxes, that they usually use for international exports, in order to protect their business from the threat of the virus.  Returning plastic crates may pose a risk to transmitting the virus at this time.  Until more is known then this has been identified as the best insurance policy to reduce their crops becoming infected.


Above and below – NZ Gourmet is sending both loose and large Truss to the market in boxes due to the PepMV outbreak.


Thank you to all the companies for allowing us on site to view the floors and to the companies that allowed us to take photos. 

It was great to see all of the different crops and to experience what happens to all of the produce once it leaves the greenhouses and packhouses.  There is certainly a buzz of activity, especially at two of the markets.  It is amazing to witness what must be major logistical operations.

I highly recommend if you are a grower and have not had the time or opportunity to visit the market floors, it is well worth a visit.  Please see photo gallery below.


MG's bustling floor, well organised and easy to get around.


Image above and below -  produce is on mini display for customers to view and purchase at MG’s.  Larger orders are then processed from the stock in the warehouse.  


Cover: Left, Mark Middleton, Marketing Representative, Market Gardeners and Right, Glenn Forsyth, NZ Gourmet.  MG’s had a great display of fruit and vegetables.



Left, Aaron Leslie Sales & Business Development Manager at Seeka Limited, Right Roelf Schreuder, NZ Gourmet.  Nice Warriors jerseys in your office Aaron - if they go missing you know it was me.


Tamarillos – one of my favourites, and another product that could be grown under cover. 


Australian tomatoes were at one of the markets. 



Article written and compiled by Stefan Vogrincic

All Article’s checked and edited by Marie Vogrincic

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