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BumperCrop Offers Free COVID-19 Staff Checklist App to Greenhouses

BumperCrop Offers Free COVID-19 Staff Checklist App to Greenhouses

HealthCheck App Helps Manage Risk and Ensure Compliance 


The team at BumperCrop have worked in conjunction with growers in the past two weeks on their new HealthCheck  App to help address the new Horticulture NZ rules for operating during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Edward Lee has been using the App in conjunction with his BumperCrop Labour Management system since this Saturday. “This App makes it easy to ask my staff the right questions and have evidence to show that we are in compliance.” said Edward Lee. 


At the start of each day, staff are asked a series of questions designed to address some of the key questions specified by MPI. Asking the staff the questions at the start of each day reminds them what they need to do to help mitigate the risk of spreading COVID-19.  Answers to the questions are automatically tracked and available in a webpage that can be shared to demonstrate compliance.


BumperCrop has made a version of the App available to growers through their existing phones, tablets or desktop computers without the need for installing the BumperCrop Labour Management System. “We want this to be readily available to as many growers as possible to help stop the spread of the virus.  We are aiming to give this for free to as many greenhouse growers as is feasible during the lockdown period,” said BumperCrop founder Adam Forbes. 


To sign up for the App please contact Adam Forbes.



To view new HorticulureNZ guidelines visit this website: https://www.hortnz.co.nz/news-events-and-media/media-releases/covid-19-update-for-horticulture/