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Energy Market Guide Welcomed by Horticulture Industry

Energy Market Guide Welcomed by Horticulture Industry



Recently, Azwood Energy released an extensive wood energy market guide document that was welcomed from a range of sectors including dairy, education, and horticulture.

The 40-page, 10-part document explains and shapes a factual and evidence-based outlook into energy in New Zealand including:


  1. Process heat barriers, challenges & solutions

  2. Business cases

  3. Conversion costs

  4. ETS & wood energy

  5. Availability of wood for energy

  6. Wood fuel specifications

  7. Technical data

  8. Quality management

  9. & Case studies

Download your copy of the Wood Energy Market Guide here: https://www.azwood.co.nz/Industrial+Energy/WEMG.html





Title: Mac Hops – Coal to Pellet Fuel Conversion

Description: “The capital outlay was next to nothing” – Brent McGlashen, Mac Hops



Hot Lime Labs Extracting Clean Carbon Dioxide

Description: “It gives a bigger yield and better fruit at the same time so they probably would have increased the output by 10 per cent,” – CEO,  Vlatko Materic

Link: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/new-technology-extracting-clean-carbon-dioxide-win-greenhouse-growers-environment


Successfuel® Low Carbon Hop Production

 “My recommendation is [that] they should consider wood chip as a viable option, both form the economic point of view and the environment point of view” – Kim McGlashen, Mac Hops




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