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Farrells Nursery

Farrells Nursery

Controlling liverwort with Huwa-San TR-50


Farrells Nursery is a family run business which has been operational in Pukekohe since 1983. Originally started by John Farrell it is now owned by Andy Farrell and operated with Kevin - his brother pictured above. The Farrells have always grown and sold Natives, Shrubs, Trees and Hedging, they currently use Huwa-San TR-50 across two locations in the Franklin area. https://www.farrellsnurseries.co.nz/ 

Huwa-SanTR-50 is a product designed to clean water and water lines, bringing many benefits with it as you will see below, for this local Pukekohe nursery. Huwa-San TR-50 is stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide.


Farrells Nursery started trialing Huwa-San TR-50 a year ago to control Liver Wort. As the photos below show they have gained control of this issue, but they also found other benefits of using this product: by controlling Liverwort they have less bugs flying around, and their mister nozzles no longer have a buildup of algae. They are a lot cleaner, and now their irrigation pipes are also a lot cleaner. The major benefits include less risk to staff, less labor intensive due to its effectiveness, and less time spent spraying. They have found a reduction in the use of other agrichemicals; for example, but not limited to: Captan and Magnesium Sulphate. They have also started using Huwa-San TR-50 to dip their seedling/cuttings trays for disinfection. They have been using rates at a minimum of 40 PPM at the irrigation nozzles with continual use at 6% Solution for Disinfection. They irrigate once every two days if required, which is dependent on visual checks of Seedlings, this is completed around 10am. Farrells Nursery highly recommends Huwa-San TR-50 to anyone using an irrigation system as they have found that cleaner water leads to healthier plants, not to mention the safety of their staff.


Image 1 - liverwort untreated

Image 2 - liverwort untreated 

Above two photos was the liverwort before using Huwa-San TR-50 and below is the results after using the product.  The difference is spectacular.  


Image 3 - liverwort treated with Huwa-San TR-50

Image 4 - liverwort treated with Huwa-San TR-50


When discussing Huwa-San TR-50 with Andy Wood (30 years’ experience), The Farrells Lead operator for chemical application he commented “ Huwa-San TR-50 has fast become a leading product in many areas of our Nursery, not only is it safer for me and my team I have noticed the control of Liver Wort as well as the fact my seedlings grow quicker then any algae can.” 




For more information and advice on this product contact:

Paul Marlow| Agrichemical & Certified Handler Trainer/Sales Rep

Mob: +64 20 4151 9342

64 Anselmi Ridge Road, Pukekohe 2120

Auckland New Zealand



Article supplied by Educhem