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February 14th Happy Grower2Grower day

February 14th Happy Grower2Grower day

The First year


Firstly, Happy Valentine’s Day!  It is a great time of year and marks Grower2Grower’s one-year anniversary since our launch.  My wife Marie and I have had a very busy year. We have strived to bring NZ greenhouse growers, suppliers, students, teachers and anyone else who has taken time to view the site current, relevant and informative articles.  The passion I have for our industry is my key driver, and I 100% believe that covered crop growing is crucial for future food production and security. 

The grower biographies have been wonderful to write, I would like to thank all the growers who have welcomed me into their workplace.   It has just confirmed the amazing talent and knowledge that New Zealand indoor growers have.  The interview with the ageless Tony and Joanne Ivicevich, gave a wonderful insight to how much the industry has changed since the 1980’s and how, knowledge and technology has transformed the greenhouse growing industry from a lifestyle to a serious business.

I enjoyed writing the article on retired flower grower George Wheeler, and the young growers that are emerging.    I hope to bring you plenty more articles on our past, current and future growers over the coming years.

Without doubt the most heart-warming story, in the last year, was the $ 40,000 plus that Raj Sharma raised for Cancer Research.  On the 3rd of February it was 10 years since I lost my father, to an asbestos related cancer, so I felt privileged to help promote Raj’s cause, one very close to my own heart.  I know Raj has lost family and friends to cancer and this gesture from him was simply an outstanding effort. 

The supplier articles have been great, presenting growers excellent products and information which adds real value to business.  All growers use products to assist them grow, without the partnership of suppliers we would not have an industry and vice versa.  We need each other and I am very proud that the Grower2Grower platform is assisting with this.  It is important to note that teachers and students, using this website, are also gaining key insights to different supplier’s products and services available.

The technical grower focused stories have been well received.  I am glad I am able to use my experience, and the contacts, I have in the industry to bring you these informative articles.  At the end of the day we are here to help increase outcomes for growers.

The classifieds section has sold nearly every item advertised.  The ability to list items on a live website that other growers frequently use has made this work well.  So, don’t forget to take a photo and send me what you want sold, new or old products. Let’s get trading.

The NZ total viewer numbers are great and the worldwide exposure has far exceeded any expectation I had.   This is a website predominately for NZ greenhouse growers and is promoting industry locally, the beneficial spin off of this platform has been a growing worldwide viewership.  The Australian Soilless magazine has published two articles and four have been republished in the Hort-Daily worldwide horticulture e-based magazine, which I am proud of. 

This year there are some new and interesting projects I will be working alongside of, and in time I will be sharing these experiences with the viewers. 

If you have a topic you would like written about or you have a growing story to tell please feel free to contact us. 

Now let’s get growing.

MD, Grower2Grower, Stefan Vogrincic


Article written by Stefan Vogrincic

All Article’s checked and edited by Marie Vogrincic


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