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Grower Breakfast Wednesday 23rd October BNZ Pukekohe

Grower Breakfast Wednesday 23rd October BNZ Pukekohe

Ecomix Coco Substrates


You may have noticed recently several new suppliers have started advertising on the Grower2Grower e-magazine.  One of the products promoted is Ecomix coco substrates.  Martin Vadakkekuttu, is the Director of PRODOZ INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD (Ecomix Coco Australia/NZ).

On Wednesday the 23rd of October Grower2Grower will be hosting a growers' breakfast in Pukekohe at the BNZ Partners building with Martin giving a presentation on the benefits of using Ecomix Coco products.  Martin will point out the correct and robust process his company uses in manufacturing Coco to ensure growers receive top quality product.

During the farm tours at this year’s PCA I noticed the large volume of Coco substrates that growers are using.  Berry crops we visited using Coco, included blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.  I was quite flabbergasted by the amount of Coco substrates used.  It is a media that is increasing in popularity in this rapidly developing sector especially as growers’ transition from soil to protected cropping and substrates.  Like all things, not all coco is equal and making sure you have the best quality product is a key element for success.

Berry growers and vegetable growers are invited to attend this breakfast and presentation.  We are strictly limited to numbers for this event so please email stefan@grower2grower.co.nz if you are interested in attending.  This is a grower only breakfast.  This is a free event.

As an added bonus, I am pleased to announce that Peter Butler from the BNZ will have an update for growers on the state of the economy including interest rates.


Date for Breakfast: Wednesday 23rd of October 2019

Location: BNZ Partners Building Pukekohe,

Time: 8.00 am to 9.30 am

Contact: stefan@grower2grower.co.nz to register


Below is more information and pictures on the Ecomix Product:


Ecomix Australia develops and produces a comprehensive range of new high tech, new generation horticultural growing media. An eco-sustainable and innovative company.  Ecomix Australia has achieved market recognition and significant market acceptance with their core product range.

Ecomix Australia is innovative and aiming to reach market leader in the development and production of horticultural growing media and complementary products and services. It is targeting Australian growers of Horticulture and Hydroponic [glasshouse] growing media. Our key aim is the continuous research & development of new products to cater to our valued Growers for their needs, using Coco Peat. We reach and listened to the growers about their requirement. We always push the boundaries to its limits so that our valued Grower reaps the benefits to its fullest.

Ecomix understands that Greenhouse growing and Hydroponic systems can be remarkably free of disease when hygiene practices are excellent. All Production takes place indoors to protect against contamination. No Nutrients, soils, or composted materials are used in our products. We offer a range of nursery mixes and products for glasshouse and nurseries ranging from grow bags to potting and tray media including plug mix, seedling mix, propagation mix etc. We provide to your exact specification.



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Article Written by Stefan Vogrincic, Consultant, Grower2Grower

Article Edited by Marie Vogrincic, Editor, Grower2Grower