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Grower Profile, Jason Greene

Grower Profile, Jason Greene


Grower Profile, Jason Greene T&G Grower Manager 


T&G Global is full of passionate growers. Jason Greene, T&G Grower Manager for Covered Crops based in Tuakau New Zealand, about his role and passion for plants.

“My passion for growing comes from the respect I have for plants. It is incredible to watch how a tiny seed can grow to produce the amount of fruit that it does.” Jason Greene

Jason Greene’s passion for horticulture started at an early age when his school science teacher got him working with his hands and interested in growing his own produce.

After finishing school, Jason decided to further his interest in plants and growing and enrolled to study Applied Science at Massey University in 2004, majoring in Horticulture. He then moved to Auckland and started his first job in sales and marketing in the nursery and garden sector at Rainbow Park Nurseries.

Jason has since excelled in the horticulture industry and was named Young Horticulturist of the Year in 2008, winning a number of regional competitions before coming out on top at the national final. Another accomplishment under his belt is winning the Young Achiever- Nurseryman of the Year award in 2008.

In 2010 Jason started working at T&G as an assistant grower in one of the two glasshouses in Tuakau where his career in growing blossomed. Since then he has become grower manager, leading 42 staff members and managing 5.6 hectares of glasshouse which produces an impressive two million kilograms of specialty tomatoes, namely Angel, Red Delight and Y.E.L.O, per year.

“I love what I do, challenges and all. From the diversity of crops and having seven different varieties under the same glass, to watching how each variety reacts differently from changes in fertilisers, controlled environmental elements and glasshouse structure - no day is the same,” says Jason.

Although tomatoes are grown all year round in the glasshouses, crop strength increases in spring and ramps up in summer, which is the busiest season for Jason and his staff.

“Growing is a 24/7 job which comes with a lot of challenges to produce quality tomatoes. Having a great team, open relationships, trust in your colleagues, your equipment while owning and learning from mistakes, makes the job a lot easier.”

The future looks bright for Jason who says that the next step in his career would be becoming head grower and possibly moving into other sectors or even taking up a role in a different country.

“There are so many options for growers and once you have the necessary skills and experience, you can adapt to whichever category you choose to work with - the sky is the limit.”



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