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The inspiration to create this website came from my past experiences requiring helpful and more importantly reliable advice when growing. Unfortunately at times I struggled to obtain the advice I required.  More often than not I found that information came from people with no growing experience. Over the years I have accumulated an excellent knowledge base, learnt from mistakes and I have over 20 years experience in the industry. I have seen an opportunity in the market to assist growers by offering quick, practical advice which can be used to aid growing operations. 

The grower2grower website is predominantly an information sharing website, with additional services. It will be frequently updated with articles from me and suppliers to the industry,  it has an advisory section, as well as offering a classifieds and notice board service.  I have added a buyer’s guide section i.e. a yellow pages for growers, to make key information more accessible.

My goal is to bring a one stop information shop to growers and workers in the covered crop industry, also capturing the attention of horticulture students’.

In 2011 I grew rock melons for export to Japan





Grower2Grower is a website that has been developed with the intention to create a link between growers, suppliers and industry partners.  We intend to engage with ‘horticulture’ learning institutions so students will get a first-hand overview of the covered crop industry.   New workers seeking employment in the covered crop industry will also gain from the information and knowledge shared.  The website is a potential pathway for a career in the covered crop industry.

The advisory section is one of grower2growers biggest attributes, we will endeavour to give practical and trusted advice to growers in the covered crop industry.  We intend to make our customers growing experience a successful more productive one.  Each grower may have advice tailored to their individual needs.

Articles will be uploaded on a two-weekly basis.  Content of the articles will include growing and supplier editorials.  My aim is that growers will keep abreast with current topics. That suppliers will keep growers informed of existing or new products.

The ‘Buyers Guide’ or ‘yellow pages for covered crop growers’ will be where all credible service and supply providers can list their business to be easily obtained by growers and or industry partners.

The classifieds is where horticulture/agriculture equipment new or used can be sold.  It has a 'job offers'  which is available to everyone involved in the industry.  Weather you need a new crop worker, crop manager, intern, fork lift driver, warehouse manager, sales representatives or part time workers etc….  The property for sale or lease will also make it easy to adveretise to as many growers, new or old, interested in leasing greenhouse properties.

The notice board will give anyone the opportunity to let industry aware of upcoming events such as conferences, field days, workshops, or even Christmas bbq’s.

The announcements function will provide the opportunity to inform industry about such things as store openings, industry decisions, birthdays etc. (or maybe even Grant Fannin scoring more than 1 run at the annual Fannin cricket match in March.) 


The website features are:


  • Commercial grower advice.

  • Editorials updated every two weeks.  Grower and supplier articles.

  • Classifieds. For jobs offers.  Property for sale or lease. Equipment for sale.

  • Notice Board.  For upcoming events and announcements.

  • Buyers Guide.  Yellow pages for covered crop growers.

  • News Archive.  For all the articles you might have missed

  • Available in over 100 different languages

  • linked to facebook and other social media




I have always been involved in the Agriculture/Horticulture way of life.  It is my passion.  I grew up on a dairy farm, milking 110 cows.  Following this my father and I went about building our first glasshouse growing tomatoes.  20 years later I was still managing the property and for 9 years I was contracting to a substrate company and nursery, working on sales and advice.

I have been in the fortunate position to travel and work in Great Britain, parts of Europe and Australia.   I have had many great teachers and mentors, now I am extremely proud to be in a position to bring you this website and share information and create a network for all involved in the New Zealand covered crop industry.

The inspiration to create this website came from my past experiences of struggling to obtain quick reliable advice when growing. I have been able to build a large knowledge base and I have seen an opportunity of how to best use this in the covered crop industry.  By using the web to assist growers by offering practical advice which can be used to aid growing operations. 

I have grown in my greenhouse: cucumber, tomatoes, eggplants, capsicums, beans, courgettes, lettuce and rock-melons. I have worked with outdoor water melon growers using grafted plants.  I specialise in tomato’s but have enjoyed growing other products.

This website is here to make your growing experience a successful more productive one.  


I have grown many things over the past 20 years and enjoyed every minute.  I am now in a postion to pass on my knowledge to others and help them achieve as I have.