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Huwa-San disinfection product were used in a targeted manner

Huwa-San disinfection product were used in a targeted manner

Contamination rate of CGMMV reduced by more than 85%


Roam Technology is active worldwide, but they have a specific focus on horticulture in the CIS countries (Commonwealth of Independent States, the post-Soviet republics in Eurasia).  One of their satisfied customers in this region is one of the largest fresh vegetable producers in Russia, with a year-round cultivation of homeland ecologically-clean vegetables that comply with the highest quality standards.


At the start of this year, they were experiencing huge virus problems in their greenhouse cucumber crops with an outbreak of Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus (CGMMV). Things got so bad, that about 80% of their cucumber crops were infected. The crop manager explains: “Year on year, working in a large vegetable growing operation within greenhouses, we – and most of the growers worldwide – have faced CGMMV. This is  the scourge of all farmers involved, and not at all easy to deal with. There are a lot of possible approaches, solutions and systems to try to handle it.”


“We tried almost every option that’s available on the market”, he continues. “The results were very diverse: some solutions worked a little better than others, but most were just a waste of money, time and crops, with losses running into hundreds of millions of RUB. Finally, I tried using Roam Technology’s Huwa-San disinfectant in different concentrations on our infected plants. To my surprise, the plants did not dry out the next day, and even more surprising, the leaves growing at the top didn’t show any spots, which are a clear sign of CGMMV.”


Each treatment led to the regrowth of clean leaves of normal vegetables without spots, but after some time, the problems started all over again 3-4 internodes later. That’s why the crop manager began communicating with local Roam Technology representative Evgeniy Serdega. Evgeniy informed him that Huwa-San is mainly used for water disinfection in a lot of countries worldwide, including in greenhouses. Immediately, the necessary water samples were taken and analysed by an independent laboratory.


Based on these results, a detailed action plan was developed, in which the various applications of the Huwa-San disinfection product were used in a targeted manner. Meticulous guidelines were provided by Roam Technology, ensuring the customer always used Huwa-San correctly, unlocking the product’s full potential to solve the infection problems.


The result? The cucumber crops’ contamination rate were reduced by more than 85%, making a huge difference in both quality and yield of their cucumber end product.


For more detailed information, contact Roam Technology at export@roamtechnology.com


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