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Huwa-San TR-50

Huwa-San TR-50

NZ Cucumber Grower Benefits from using Huwa-San TR-50.


Huwa-San TR-50 is a water treatment product designed to combat Chlorine and make water cleaner, to aid in disease control and promoting the uptake of nutrients for crops. Huwa-San TR-50 is Hydrogen Peroxide with a Silver Ion stabilizer, this has many benefits to the user.

This article focuses on one of our local cucumber growers who is reaping the rewards of using Huwa-San TR-50.


Edward Lee is a cucumber grower based in Pukekohe. He was one of this first growers to start using the Huwa-San TR-50 product over three years ago.

“I switched to Huwa-San TR-50 because I was looking for safer and more environmentally friendly products to replace the more toxic agrichemicals I have been using. While using TR-50 I now have much better control of diseases like powdery mildew and gummy stem blight. The irrigation system is cleaner with less blocking of the drippers and biofilm build up, which allows equal amounts of water and nutrients to get to all of my plants.”

Regular spraying of Huwa-San TR-50 has also aided in keeping the floors and trays free of bacterial spores and disease on the plants. By using Huwa-San TR-50 as a clean-up spray, Edward has used less of the more toxic agrichemicals on his crops.  Edward said “This is safer for me, my staff and the crop.”

Edward continually uses Huwa-San TR-50 as a drench in the incoming water, adding 1.5 litres of product every second day per 25,000 litres using an automatic dosing system.   He has noticed that there is no need to use any subsequent flushes to the irrigation system.  He also applies Huwa-San TR-50 as a post pull-out clean up spray at 6% on the floors, walls, trays and equipment.


Edward uses Huwa-San TR-50 at different rates on his crops as a spray:

  1. Young plants 1% of water volume.
  2. Older plants 2% of water volume.

When spraying it is very important to spray this product on its own and after 5.30pm at night. This is to enable the product to stay wet longer, increasing its performance, and also so that there isn’t damage to the crop from burning.  “I would definitely recommend Huwa-San TR-50 to any grower and I will continue to use it.   I am happy to have growers contact me to discuss how I use it and the benefits I am having with Huwa-San TR-50.”


Edward Lee was one of this first growers to start using the Huwa-San TR-50 product over three years ago.



For more information and advice on this product contact:

Paul Marlow| Agrichemical & Certified Handler Trainer/Sales Rep

Mob: +64 20 4151 9342

64 Anselmi Ridge Road, Pukekohe 2120

Auckland New Zealand



Article supplied by Educhem