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Improve yield & water quality with Nanobubble Systems

Improve yield & water quality with Nanobubble Systems

Oxygen levels in the root zone can be a major limiting factor 






Oxygen levels in the root zone can be a major limiting factor on the productivity of a farm. Low dissolved oxygen (DO) levels limit nutrient absorption resulting in impeded growth. This problem can get worse in summer because water’s ability to hold oxygen reduces with increase in the temperature of the water.

Nanobubbles solve this problem. Nanobubbles are nano-sized bubbles, 2000x smaller than a grain of salt, that have several unique properties.



Nanobubble Systems introduce two types of gases in water – Dissolved gas and Nanobubbles. Nanobubbles are miniscule, negatively charged, neutrally buoyant, and remain stable in water for a long period of time, acting like an oxygen battery that delivers oxygen to the entire body of water. As oxygen in the water is consumed, the nanobubbles continue to diffuse more oxygen in the water and thereby maintain high DO levels. Being nano sized, the oxygen transfer efficiency of Nanobubbles is >85%, hence there is very little wastage of oxygen gas.


















With Oxygen Nanobubbles we can maintain very high DO levels (up to 400% DO saturation), even in warm water, which improve nutrient uptake of plants, root development, growth rate, and yield of plants. Our Nanobubble Systems are low Opex plug and play systems which come with an onboard pure oxygen generator that produces its own pure oxygen gas.


Micro and Nanobubbles surrounding the root of a plant




 Improved Water Quality in Irrigation Ponds   Root, Soil and Plant Health

   Algae reduction in source water

   Reduction in Pythium levels

   Oxidation of metals

   Reduced reliance on chemical treatments

   Reduction of biofilm in irrigation pipes 

   Increased dissolved Oxygen levels in pond

   Increase in yield

   Healthier root development

   Increased nutrient uptake

   Improved water retention in soil

   Improved vegetative growth

   Promotion of beneficial bacteria in the substrate






1 Faster growth of plants – Increased Revenue

Green leafy plants grow faster with oxygen nanobubble water. This reduces cultivation time thereby increasing crop production cycle and hence more revenue.


2 Increase in yield – Greater number of fruit / Larger fruits

Crops such a tomato, peppers, cucumbers, and eggplant grown with oxygen nanobubble water produce larger fruit or a greater number of fruits depending on the variety of the plant.


3 Reduction in biofilm growth – Cleaner system

Nanobubbles reduces accumulation of biofilm in the wetted area. Growing trays should be comparatively cleaner with oxygen nanobubble water.


4 Reduce/Eliminate use of hydrogen peroxide

Oxygen Nanobubbles produce hydroxyl radicals in mild quantities and provides an oxidation effect improving water quality. This oxidation effect of oxygen nanobubbles is further augmented if you have a UV treatment system in place, thereby helping the grower reduce the dosage or eliminate the use of hydrogen peroxide for water treatment.



Nanobubble System oxygenating irrigation tanks


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