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NUNHEMS comprehensive assortment

NUNHEMS comprehensive assortment

Why not consider NUNHEMS for you autumn and winter cucumber variety program?


It is that time of year when you are now planning your autumn, winter & spring cucumber programs, so have you considered the assortment offered by Nunhems?

Nunhems, the Vegetable Seeds business of Bayer, has been working hard to bring to you a comprehensive assortment of varieties in all categories of cucumber. Whether you are growing Telegraph cucumber in High Wire systems, or Mini cucumber in unheated plastic houses, Nunhems has varieties suitable for all conditions.

If it’s Telegraph varieties you are looking for, Nunhems is proud to offer their “HiRevolution” varieties that possess a “COMPACT” plant structure, with short internodes and smaller, horizontally-positioned leaves. These varieties are suitable to High Wire systems for long crop cycle production resulting in more balance labour costs (per kg/m²) and high, uniform fruit quality. Varieties include “Hi Power” and “Hi Force”.

For more traditional, umbrella production in either heated or unheated conditions, Nunhems has a large range of Telegraph varieties that will meet your needs. Varieties such as “Taray” and “Brujula” optimize the highest fruit quality, together with strong disease and virus resistance. The extra vigour in these varieties will give you the opportunity to maximise production during cold, short day conditions.

Should you be looking for varieties in shorter types, such as Lebanese or Mini cucumbers, Nunhems offers a number of varieties that will give you the competitive edge on yield and quality. “Bosco” is a Lebanese variety suitable for autumn and spring production with high yield potential, medium plant vigour and high resistance to Powdery Mildew. For production in cold and unheated conditions, “Luxell” has been a proven winner as an attractive option for winter Lebanese production. Luxell offers fantastic dark green fruit colour, strong plant vigour and continuous generative plant behaviour, giving great yield.

In the Mini cucumber segment, a new entrant to the market is a variety called “Talisya”. This variety is a perfect addition to your program for the autumn and spring seasons. Talisya displays strong plant vigour with a tendency for continuous, high quality single fruit production without fruit abortions. A real strength of Talisya is its dark green fruit colour together with a deep ribbed texture for longer shelf life, and ample fruit length i.e. 16-17cm.

If you would like to discuss your program or gather more information on any of these varieties and others in the Nunhems range, please do not hesitate to contact us.

"Hi Power: - Telegraph for High Wire


"Taray" - Telegraph for Umbrella System

"Bosco" - Lebanese or Green Variety


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Bayer Vegetable Seeds

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