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The Grower2Grower Survey Results

The Grower2Grower Survey Results

Positive Feedback with Fantastic Suggestions


The first Grower2Grower survey is complete. The response rate was great, thank you so much to everyone who took the time to participate.

We received lots of positive feedback. The suggestions and ideas will really help us to make smarter decisions on how to shape the website moving forward.


The first question was ‘What types of articles would you like to see more of?’


The results are as follows.


  1. New Products to the market- 85% of respondents
  2. Technical growing information- 83% of respondents
  3. Grower Biographies- 58% of respondents
  4. Other-10% of respondents


Some of the suggestions under ‘other’ included more articles on seasonal reminders & changes, detailed case studies of successful growing ventures, new crops to the protected cropping industry, which we will absolutely do our best to bring to you.

The second question was ‘What additional features would you like to see on the Grower2Grower website?’


The results are as follows.


  1. More links to social media- 48% of respondents
  2. NZ weather- 37% or respondents
  3. Other- 31% of respondents
  4. Currency converter 15% of respondents

Other suggestions included a section on different growing techniques and more links to growing associations.


The third and final question was regarding adding more value for both growers and suppliers to the industry.


The participants to the survey suggested…… So, we are going to ………..


Make it easier to search for previous articles. We will tag articles under topic headings. If you are looking to read about a particular topic, they will all, be in the same place, and much easier to find than in the past.

Prior to Covid we had several events scheduled and were in the process of planning more for the future. Obviously Covid put a temporary halt to this but moving forward we plan to create and be a part of as many events as possible. We will integrate an event booking system within the website, making it much easier to book and pay to attend Grower2grower events. So, if you are thinking of hosting a grower breakfast, workshop, trade day or have ideas about how to bring growers and suppliers together to share knowledge please let us know.

We will offer the facility to upload your own articles and pictures to the website, and more importantly we are reducing the cost of doing this! The main information Growers are telling us they want to read about is New Products to the market- this will make it so much easier to get this information out to growers.

As well as uploading articles we are revamping the ‘Buyer’s guide’ and ‘Classifieds’ sections to add more value. You will be able to upload your own business information, jobs available and items for sale.

Watch this space for a Grower2Grower Twitter account and a link to our Linked In account from the website.

The next step is to re-engage with our website developers and work with them to bring all these fantastic new ideas together on the site…… watch this space!


Article written and compiled by Marie Vogrincic

I appreciate your comments.  Please feel free to comment on the grower2grower Facebook page: