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The machine assisted courgette harvester

The machine assisted courgette harvester

Interesting concept


This week I came across an especially useful machine – the field picking courgette harvester.  This machine straddles the rows of courgettes, a person sits (in a comfortable position) either side of the row harvesting the produce.  The courgettes are then placed onto a conveyer which feeds them up and into a hopper.  The way in which the hopper is emptied does seem a bit harsh on the fruit.  However, with some modifications I could see this type of machine working in both the field and plastic tunnel houses growing courgettes.

As New Zealand is reducing lower paid migrant worker visas and has a reluctance to expand on the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) RSE scheme, the only way forward is to become super-efficient, reduce reliance on staff that is either not available or not willing to do this type of work, which to be fair picking courgettes can be back breaking. This type of machine will not only reduce the labour units required but simply get the product harvested, and to market, without it being wasted.   It will also be a more pleasurable experience for the people harvesting it, as it will reduce stress on their backs from the constant bending over while picking and ultimately increase productivity – a win-win for all.

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Discover the Bagioni Technology machines. Video below


Different options for the cultivation of courgettes

The harvesting of courgettes can be easier made with the help of electric machines. The operator is essential, but with this equipment, fatigue is reduced and yields are increased.

The video shows the proper functioning of a machine suitable for different types of courgettes usually cultivated in Italy, with plants that are rather tall and that have to be driven over.

The image below, instead, shows a different type of cultivation in Switzerland, where there are different types of courgettes.

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Article Source https://www.hortidaily.com/article/9322421/different-options-for-the-cultivation-of-courgettes/