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Why Should I Use A Broker

Why Should I Use A Broker

Why Use a Broker?

By Mat Wood

There are a couple of misconceptions floating around about using brokers. So, some people are still taking the DIY route rather than saving both time and money by utilising an experienced broker. Let's break them down...

"Isn't it cheaper to go straight to the lender instead of having to pay a middle man?"

Finance brokerage is actually a free service for you. Brokers earn a commission from the lender, so there is no additional cost to you as a client when you engage our services. 

"Don't lenders inflate their prices to cover broker commissions?"

No, they don't. Lenders have overheads like salaries for sales and administration staff, advertising costs, and more, so it is in the lender's best interest when they can generate new business by brokers bringing clients directly to them. 
Because brokers bring the lender good volumes of clients and handle so much of the lenders' administration, they can get more competitive prices for finance, which you as the end client then benefit from.

We know our stuff:

Most importantly, when it comes to financing, brokers really know their stuff. We can cover all the loopholes and hidden details of finance that you may not be aware of.  We are on your side, ask the right questions, and ensure you get the right product and features you need to meet your exact requirements. 

Client Story: Truck & Trailers:


An old client of mine referred a customer to me who wanted to purchase a boat for him and his family. I helped finance the boat, and then about 5 months later, this new client came back to me seeking finance for a truck and two trailers. The dealership finance would only approve a truck and one trailer, and the client didn't like that the dealership couldn't fulfil what he wanted.

He rang me again and, within a week, I not only got approval for the truck and two trailers, but I also beat the interest rate that the dealership had offered. Win, win, win for the client! 

I was stoked to receive a testimonial from this client after the purchase of the truck and trailers had gone through, and also a photo of the proud owner in front of his new units.

"Thanks Mat. The truck is awesome and has been out earning us money for the last two days. I really appreciate the hard work and lengths you go to in making these transactions so effortless for myself. Thanks again."  Simon


I hope you have a fantastic Christmas, and I will be available over the holiday period if you need anything. 

Mat Wood
027 346 6669 | crediflex.co.nz