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Biobees Ltd


New Zealand’s specialist producer of commercial bumblebee hives.


We are a kiwi company, providing natural and efficient pollination of New Zealand food crops. Our bumblebees mean that New Zealand produce is able to compete at local and global markets, and that the consumer receives the highest quality fruits, vegetables and seeds at the best possible prices.


Bumblebees are the gold standard for greenhouse pollination, and are increasingly being used in outdoor cropping systems, especially when hail netting or other crop covers are used. Bumblebees are the superstars of pollination, bee for bee they are generally far better pollinators than honeybees, and can significantly boost pollination when used in conjunction with traditional methods.




Biobees Ltd

PO Box 8684,

Havelock North, 4157

New Zealand


To place an order:

Ph: (06) 879 5883

Fax: (06) 879 8699

Email: office@biobees.co.nz


For technical enquiries:

Ph: (022) 039 9327


Email: info@biobees.co.nz








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