The Grower2Grower website is a news sharing site, offering a one stop information shop to future & current growers, suppliers, horticulture students and partners in the protected cropping industry.
New articles are published every two weeks. The articles explore subjects that are current, topical and relevant to the protected cropping industry.
Every article published is always accessible, you can search to find articles, so you can view a selection of discussions regarding themes of interest.
We have also recently added the functionality enabling anyone to upload an article to the site. The article will be reviewed, prior to publishing, to ensure it is a topic relevant and interesting to our readers.
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Trade Directory


The purpose of the Trade Directory is to offer contact information to growers quickly, it’s aim is to work like an online Yellow Pages enabling growers to quickly and easily find reliable suppliers. 

For a very small fee (included as part of any G2G advertising package) you can add your organisation’s information into the Trade Directory Click here



We invite suppliers and partners, to the protected cropping industry, to advertise their goods or services on the site. We have several advertising placements available and can tailor marketing packages to suit all budgets.

Every advertising placement comes with the option of a differing numbers of articles published as per the agreement per year. Perfect if you have a particular product you wish to promote or a new product/service that you want to make growers or other industry stakeholders aware of.

Suppliers of goods and services, that are not placement advertisers, can upload articles via our ‘Upload an article’ function, easy payment options are available. 

If you are interested to advertise or wish to discuss the options further, please complete this Form or Contact Us



With over 25 years’ experience in the protected cropping industry Stefan offers a consultancy service to growers.

Consultancy packages can be tailored to meet the size and need of your growing operation. 

These packages include;

  • Crop registrations
  • Physical site visits 
  • Schedules of work for the forth coming week
  • Advice about products and services that will improve your growing operation

Feedback from one of our valued customers;

The advice I receive from Stefan helps me confirm when I’m on the right track, diagnose issues or spot problems that I overlook. He is an integral part of my business and has been for over 10 years. Thanks Stefan!!”-  Dany Abma, F&B Abma


Virtual Consultancy


It was our aim to extend the G2G consultancy service into Australia in 2021. Unfortunately, Covid-19 and the introduction of travel bans put a halt to physical visits for the time being. It hasn’t stopped us developing and offering a virtual service to growers in Australia.

Advances in technology mean we can review data within environmental computers, have virtual sessions within the glasshouse to see crops and offer pretty much the same service virtually as we would in person.

Network of Industry Experts


In 2020 G2G launched a new service offering access to growing experts around the world. 

We have a network of   consultants who have expertise in growing a wide range of cultivars in various time zones, so guidance is always on hand.

If you are interested in finding out more about any service mentioned above, please Contact Us

 If we don’t offer the exact service, you are looking for, the chances are we know someone who does so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.