Coir mats

A natural, simple alternative to protect soil and roots.


Drought and extreme weather conditions have many tree and orchard growers looking at innovative management techniques across the eastern parts of Australia and in particular in SE Queensland. Moisture retention and root health in these conditions are of paramount importance as growers look to manage the conditions as best, they can in an effort to have their trees ready for seasonal changes.


Ecomix Australia has recently commenced trialling and selling an innovative coir mat that has proven to be of significant benefit in assisting growers with moisture retention with the added benefit of providing an efficient means of improving root health. The coir mat has effectively controlled weed development within the immediate area of young or new plantings thereby eliminating the need for herbicide application at a fragile time in the tree’s establishment.



The coir mat has been designed to be porous, allowing moisture through to the root zone while at the same time creating an effective barrier for weed growth. Early trials of the coir mats has seen solid commercial acceptance in a number of tree crops. While the product is not new as a weed barrier – commonly used in the blueberry industry to control moisture and weeds in hydroponic crops – the application to a larger lower density mat is.


“I have been very happy with the performance of the mats since installing them 3 months ago in new plantings of persimmons and avocados. Installation is quick and easy. They have prevented weed growth around the young plants, reducing the need to spray close to the plants and consequently reduced the risk of herbicide damage. I’m very happy with the mats and plan to use them in any future plantings.” Stephen Jeffers – Pringle Rd Farms NAMBOUR



The adoption of the product across multiple crops has been very encouraging according to Sales Manager Melanie Power. “Crops using the coir mat range from persimmons and avocados in SE Queensland to lychees, passionfruit and avocados in the FNQ tropics where rainfall means significant weed growth around new plantings.”


Stephen Jeffers of Pringle Rd Farms in Nambour (SE Qld) has applied the coir mats to existing and new plantings of permissions and avocados. Stephen has also observed that the mats keep the soil cooler around the base of the young tree and helps to preserve soil moisture.


Melanie Power has also seen that commercial growers aren’t the only ones interested in the coir mats. “Home gardeners and hobby farmers have been quick to see the benefits in the coir mats. Reducing the need to mulch and eliminating their herbicide application are some of the immediate benefits that these enthusiasts recognise.”



The product has been designed to be not only extremely useful in an orchard or home garden environment but also completely environmentally friendly with no harmful plastics or chemicals used in the production of the coir mats. Ecomix Australia’s partner manufacturing facilities maintain strict quality control over the production of the mats including using prewashed coir to ensure no salts are present in the product when applied the base of the plant or tree.



The coir mats are manufactured in standard sizes with 55 cm x 55 cm being the most common for commercial crops. All mats are pre-cut with a hole in the middle of the mat for the stem/trunk of the plant or tree. However, given the direct control Ecomix Australia has with its partner manufacturer any sizes can be produced to accommodate all crops and nursery products, including variations of pot diameters.


Further details on the coir mats and their application for growers in NewZealand, can be obtained via Melanie Power – Sales Manager – Ecomix Australia on or +61 (0)434 930 977. 



Melanie Power.


14 Mary Court

Epping, Victoria 3076



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