Nov 2018

Murray and Penny Beare, Grand opening of Tuakau Offices

Murray and Penny Beare, Grand opening of Tuakau Offices

For Educhem, AquaSan & AgHort Services.


Murray and Penny Beare, have recently moved their business to a new purpose-built facility in Tuakau for Educhem, AquaSan International and AgHort Services NZ.  The offices were officially opened by Andrew Baker, local councillor, on Friday the 2nd of November. 

Murray and Penny have been working tirelessly, as they re-located to their new offices.  Along with all their staff they are now located at 36 Bollard Road, Tuakau.  The upstairs offices is where all the day to day running of the business will take place, training courses will be held downstairs in the theory and practical training rooms.  

Murray provides Agrichemical training, throughout NZ, for growers to gain their Growsafe and Approved Handlers certificates amongst other services.   Murray conducted the first Growsafe course nearly 30 years ago which many greenhouse growers attended. 

Over the last two decades regulations have constantly changed, Murray has always made sure growers are kept up to date with compliance regulations.  New regulations, which came into play in December last year, require agrichemical operators to achieve a Certified Handlers Certificate (previously Approved Handler) for Classes 6.1A and 6.1B. Murray and Penny have been working closely with government agencies to become officially accredited to run the Certified Handler courses.  Educhem provides an invaluable service which is extremely important for the safety of growers and consumers.

Murray (or Bearsy as many know him) has been successful in bringing to the New Zealand market a water treatment product for growers to eliminate disease, which can also be used for post wash harvest.  Educhem has, for some time, also been undertaking ground and aerial application calibrations, providing parts & pumps and offering technical support.

I would like to congratulate Murray and Penny on their fantastic new facility and thank them for invaluable services they provide.  Greenhouse growers have certainly reaped the benefits of the Growsafe courses and now with the Approved Handler Certificate being replaced by the Certified Handler Certificate, I am grateful Educhem has made the huge effort to help all growers continue to be certified with new regulations.

I urge all greenhouse growers, ASAP, to contact the team at Educhem to enquire about what course you need to become agrichemical compliant for your business.



Company Profiles:


Educhem provides superior agrichemical training to educate farmers, growers and users in the safe, responsible and effective use of agrichemicals to prevent and manage the adverse effects from agrichemical use for now and future generations by using experienced, professional staff.

Educhem also have Worksafe approved Compliance Certifiers that are able to sign off your Certified Handler or your Compliance Certificate for Hazardous Substances Location.



GROWSAFE Standard Certificate

GROWSAFE Advanced (Applied) Certificate

GROWSAFE Registered Chemical Applicators Certificate (Ground spraying contractors)

GROWSAFE Standard (Endorsed Ground Crew) Certificate

GROWSAFE Chemical Rating (Aerial Application for Pilots)- Includes Manned and Unmanned

GROWSAFE Calibrators certificate (calibration of application equipment)

GROWSAFE Courses can be delivered on site or company inhouse 

Certified Handler Certificates for Agrichemicals & VTA's


Preparing company Safety in the Workplace Operating Procedures and plans

Design and advice on the storage of agrichemicals

Auditing of agrichemical application both ground and aerial



Aqua San International is the company behind Huwa-San.  Good quality water and overall hygiene management is essential in today’s agribusiness. Huwa-San provides a sustainable way to secure your growth by ensuring your water quality in combination with more efficient fertilization. Huwa-San can be used to prevent infections and biofilm formation in a complete irrigation system: drip irrigation, overhead misting and storage tanks. It is also suitable for disinfection of hard surfaces, materials and even empty greenhouses.


Educhem has moved their ground and aerial application calibrations, supply of parts, including nozzles, and pumps, to their new company, AgHort Services Ltd. Clients can be assured that this new company will still be offering the same technical support as before.


Andrew Baker, local councillor, cuts the ribbon and officially opens the new Educhem building in Tuakau

Murray and Penny with the Educhem and AquaSan International team.


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Article Written by Stefan Vogrincic, Consultant, Grower2Grower


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