Dec 2020

New Cuc’s on the block…

New Cuc’s on the block…

Introducing Two New Autumn/Winter/Spring Varieties


The team at Premier Seeds is strongly committed to supporting growers to achieve successful crops and to provide the optimal solution for their customers.

With a strong focus on benefitting the producers/growers with improved production, plant resistances and fruit quality, the distributors by achieving longer shelf life without sacrificing quality and the consumer by improving every aspect of fruit appearance, flavour and texture.

It is with much anticipation that Premier Seeds introduces 4 new telegraph cucumbers to the New Zealand market.


Last year we introduced 2 new spring/summer/autumn varieties:

                – Catalina: (Trialled as FHOL 005) Resistances: IR: PM; CVYV; Cy

Suitable for spring, summer and early autumn plantings. A strong plant with medium length and open habit suitable for all growing structures. Produces high yield of quality 30-33cm dark green fruit. Good production on both, stem and laterals. Strong root system enables long term plant vigour and production.


Image above – Catalina


                 – Florencia: (Trialled as FHOL 083) Resistances: IR: PM; CVYV; CYSDV

Suitable for spring, summer and early autumn planting. Has strong plant and root vigour couple with a compact / medium plant length. Achieves high yields of 32-36cm long dark green fruits with minimal necks. Suited to both stem and lateral production and has a very good long-term endurance.

Image above – Florencia 


After 3 years of trials, we are now introducing 2 new autumn/winter/spring varieties:


                 – Carranza (Trialled as FHOL 125) Resistances: HR: Cca, Ccu  IR: CYYV; CYSDV

Suitable for autumn, winter and spring plantings. Vigorous plant, open habit with medium length. Good in cold conditions. Strong root system enables high yield of 32-35cm dark green fruit. 

Image above – Carranza


                 – Caobado (Trialled as FHOL 180) Resistances: HR: Cca; Ccu  IR: PM; CVYV; CYSDV

Vigorous plant with a strong root system, open plant habit. Dark green leaves with short internodes for ease of crop work, strong partial resistance to Powdery Mildew. Fruits are of 31-34cm length, minimal neck, capable of high yields of dark green fruits of high quality. Recommended for autumn, winter, spring production. 

Image above – Caobado


Fito Semillas:

Our cucumbers are from the breeder Fito Semillas in Spain, with whom we are nourishing an excellent relationship. Fito was founded in 1880 in Barcelona and is still operating as a family business in its now 5th generation. From a small family seed enterprise, Fito has grown in the past 130 years to one of the biggest multinationals in the field of genetic improvements and the seed production and distribution of seeds for horticulture and field crops with exports in more than 70 countries in the world.

“Fito is committed to research, development and innovation. The close contact and excellent communication reinforces our feeling of confidence in the ongoing pipeline of new and improved varieties coming from the Fito breeding programme to find varieties that suit the requirements of our growers and their locations as well as the market. And as a bonus, we managed to negotiate a very competitive price for our growers”, says Imke Blackett from Premier Seeds.

If you have any further inquiries, wish for a variety file to be emailed to you or if you are interested in free trial seed, please contact us:


Imke Blackett     027 2444 611

imke.blackett@premierseeds.co.nz       or

Benjamin Carrell    027 2444 651



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