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BNZ, Major Sponsor of Grower2Grower


As Managing Director of Grower2Grower, I am delighted to announce that the Bank of New Zealand are now the Major Sponsor of the Grower2Grower website e-magazine and information centre.   BNZ already has a well-established presence lending to horticultural businesses within New Zealand, and this sponsorship further highlights their commitment and ambition to support further growth and innovation in the sector.


I believe that the protected crop industry in New Zealand will become an industry that will have considerable growth in the foreseeable future, both in terms of increase in size and influences from new technologies improving returns for growers.   Fresh opportunities to help existing and new growers build their greenhouse businesses is an exciting proposition.  Securing the sponsorship of BNZ, an extremely influential bank here in New Zealand, indicates that the greenhouse industry is seen as a growth industry by our most important partners in business.     There is a need to have domestic food security which greenhouses offer as well as the huge opportunities from exporting, which with the work of other horticulture in New Zealand, is growing year by year.  Greenhouses could almost be described as the ‘perfect system’ where control and variabilities are negligible.  You can almost exclude the weather from ever effecting supply, especially with the new technologies on offer.  


Grower2Grower now officially has 3000 plus genuine users worldwide with over 1800 genuine users in New Zealand alone.  This organic growth has happened since our launch in February.  The website currently has a strong base of more than 150 greenhouse vegetable and flower growers in New Zealand, and this number keeps steadily increasing.  My goal is to continue to have the Grower2Grower website as a platform where growers are able to obtain supportive technical information to assist in ultimately improving financial growing outcomes.  Grower2Grower is about promoting the industry and celebrating the fantastic group of greenhouse growers we have in New Zealand.  The comments and feedback I have had privately from growers and industry partners have been humbling and gives me increased confidence that we are delivering on what our business was established for. 


Securing sponsorship from BNZ is an important step to allow Grower2Grower to keep delivering new and important information to New Zealand’s greenhouse growers.  By working together and supporting each other, we will all have a better chance to keep improving and lifting outcomes.  Success is a good word.


I would like to thank the efforts of Hamish Frizzell and Peter Butler from the BNZ Agribusiness team from Pukekohe who helped secure the sponsorship and to Colin Mansbridge, Head of Agribusiness -BNZ Partners.  We at Grower2Grower look forward with great enthusiasm to our partnership with the BNZ over the coming years. 

Both Peter and Hamish were instrumental in securing the partnership between the BNZ and Grower2Grower. Photo of Peter Butler to the left and Hamish Frizzell on the right.  


Contact Detials:

Hamish Frizzell
Partner – Agribusiness

Registered Valuer
BNZ Partners

Email : Hamish_Frizzell@bnz.co.nz

Phone : +64 9 9048673 (extn 43773)

Mobile: +64 29 8539290

Fax : +64 9 9048677

Web : www.bnz.co.nz


Peter Butler

Agribusiness Partner

BNZ Partners

10 Massey Ave

Pukekohe 2120

DDI: 09 9048670 (Int 43770)

Fax: 09 9048677

Mobile: 021 2423600


I appreciate your comments.  Please feel free to comment below or on the grower2grower Facebook page:


Article Written by Stefan Vogrincic, Consultant, Grower2Grower

Kylie Horomia

Great job Stefan. As an ex BNZer it's definitely great to see their continued support of the industry.