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GreenTech report

GreenTech report

Promoting Greenhouse Horticulture


GreenTech a well-recognised, international greenhouse horticulture trade show was held in Amsterdam at the end of last month.  I have never been, so am envious of those that attended.  Nor will I ever take a trade show for granted again!

Green-Tech was one of the first major horticulture events held since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Right now, it seems a distant dream to attend such events in person (from this side of the world) again but the next best thing is the fantastic work, by organisers, to use media links to share the event via website and social media.

The greenhouse industry, in particular the technology advances, is moving so quickly it is hard to keep abreast of what could benefit and be integrated into structures already constructed. 

Even if not many of the technologies are yet applicable to our systems it is well worth investigating if they could in the future.  One of the exhibitor’s news I did find interesting was the PhytlSigns, Vivent’s plant health diagnostic technology.  See below the YouTube video and brief product description.



PhytlSigns, Vivent’s plant health diagnostic technology, uses artificial intelligence to decipher internal plant signals and provides plant health insights and diagnoses pathogens and pests, including root conditions, long before visible symptoms. Unlike many other plant monitoring solutions, PhytlSigns also sees what is happening in the roots.




Robotics and automation I follow with interest. I have been monitoring the development of one particular technology called the Kompano de-leafing robot.   At GreenTech Priva announced the commercialisation of the robot.  With 85% effectiveness it may be well worth NZ growers investigating this opportunity  https://www.privakompano.com/

So pleased and incredibly proud to introduce the world's first autonomous deleafing robot Priva Kompano. We are ready to launch September 28th during the Greentech in Amsterdam. Grateful to our dedicated Priva Kompano team, involved growers and expert engineers at MTA Group. No matter the challenges, they kept believing, dared to fail and made it happen! An amazing milestone in the history of greenhouse farming (Meiny Prins CEO Priva)


Above image of the new deleafing robot from Priva - Kompano


To find out more about international innovations and the GreenTech Events and news click on the link below


A familiar face to many NZ growers holding the microphone during a group session – Sonny Moerenhout of Cultivators.



Article compiled by Stefan Vogrincic

All Article’s checked and edited by Marie Vogrincic

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