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Raj Sharma raises $ 40,895 for Cancer Research

Raj Sharma raises $ 40,895 for Cancer Research

Over 250 people witnessed Sharma Brave the Shave

On Saturday the 1st of December Raj Sharma and his wife Meenakshi Sharma, hosted over 250 supporters and sponsors to witness Raj ‘Brave the Shave’.  The campaign has now raised an amazing $40,895 for Cancer Research.  The event was held at the Sharma's growing property in Bombay.  The packing facility was transformed into a hall for a day.  There was an area designated for the speeches, a wonderful food court with all the Indian delicacies and a huge bouncy castle which all of the children thoroughly enjoyed.

It was fantastic to see such a large turn out in support of Raj and his efforts to raise funds for the fight against cancer.  The Cancer Society must be extremely proud of the efforts made by Raj to have raised so much for what we know is a wonderful cause. Amongst the supporters were many greenhouse growers, the growing community has certainly come together to support one another, it was great to have been able to share in this experience.

The responsibility of shaving Sharma’s hair was given to Steve Gellert owner of Gellert Nurseries Ltd.  Watch above.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to have a go.

Onkar Singh, greenhouse builder (blue shirt) generously donated a large amount to lift the raised funds to over $40,000!

The large crowd gathered for the main event

After Steve Gellert and I were sacked from hairdressing, well known cucumber grower and close friend of Raj, Jai Shankar was hired to finish the job. 

Manav Sharma, makes sure his Dad's haircut is going to plan!

Raj’s eldest son Manav Sharma, was MC for the day, he did an excellent job.

The children were well entertained with the bouncy castle while the adults enjoyed the amazing array of Indian cuisine provided in the food court.   


A great day, a great man, a great experience.  Well done Raj and your family.  


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Article Written by Stefan Vogrincic, Consultant, Grower2Grower

Mark Clifton

Good on You Raj, I see some of the results of this insidious disease almost everyday for the last 5 years. All of these people have family & friends who live with the pain, sickness & despair everyday. If your funds helps find a cure for even 1 type of cancer I salute you & your efforts. My wife is building good memories & still has some good times because of targeted drugs that we get every 2 weeks. Today we had her 70th chemo treatment since the terminal diagnosis 3 years ago. Mark Clifton

Raj Sharma

Hi Mark. Thank you so much for your support, I am sorry to hear the awful endeavours and trials you and your family are facing and can only hope for the best. I hope the money we raised can help for families like yours and others around New Zealand.