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TomSystem, One Year On

TomSystem, One Year On

Only positive feedback


It has been over a year since the first article promoting the TomSystem was posted on Grower2Grower. The TomSystem is a plant tying device that replaces the use of plastic clips or twisting for many greenhouse cultivars. Growers who are currently using the TomSystem are extremely happy with the substantial increase in productivity and labour advantages this tool supplies. 

Lee Wang Hothouse Manager Edward Lee has had staff using the Tomsystem over the past year and the results have been impressive.  Cucumber plants are clipped at approximately 20 + plants per minute on average.  The time to move the trolley between rows almost takes longer than the clipping of each row.  Many growers are now clipping in excess of 30 clips per minute with one Australian grower achieving an astounding 50 clips per minute! So, there is still potential for improvement.


I asked Edward what were the specific benefits for using this tool:

  1. Sustainable, as the clips are compostable
  2. Easy to teach staff
  3. Fast and efficient for plant work
  4. Stops plants slipping down string
  5. Light, not hard to hold for long periods
  6. Reliable


Edward would highly recommend this tool for your crop work.  It saves time, labour, and reduces plant losses by reducing stems slipping down the string.

Cucumbers, that grow vertically much faster than other cultivars, are demonstrating real gains for growers who now are using layering techniques.  Layering is becoming more popular in taller modern greenhouses and having the TomSystem is proving to give these growers a real competitive advantage. 



Tomato growers, who are using this tool, are also seeing the benefits.  Growers that have long rows and can split their plant work up will have real advantage.  Some growers like to twist, de-lateral, trust prune and layer all as one job.  However, many companies break these jobs up and for growers who are focused on clipping/twisting only, they will see substantial productivity increases with this tool. 


Photo recently taken from a tomato operation south of Auckland that is very happy with the Tomsystem.


Undoubtedly there will be, during your crop cycle, unexpected and unplanned accelerated plant growth.  You will have un-planned staff absenteeism and with many public holidays during our Summer, achieving all of the traditional clipping or twisting before the plants fall over is a real challenge at times .  With the TomSystem you can be assured that you can prevent your plants from falling over from the huge productivity advantage it provides. 


Silex Tools Ltd (www.silextools.co.nz)  based in Nelson, are the New Zealand agents for the Agrifast Tomsystem. They can assist with the implementation of this product into your Greenhouse. For more information please contact Rod Sharp on Mob (021) 799 992 or email rod@silextools.co.nz