Aug 2022

NZ Agronomy Society is hosting a 2-day symposium at Lincoln University 31 Aug-1 Sep 2022 (Wed – Thu),

NZ Agronomy Society is hosting a 2-day symposium at Lincoln University 31 Aug-1 Sep 2022 (Wed – Thu),
I will be presenting on the current state of the greenhouse sector

I am very privileged to announce I will be presenting to the Agronomy Society of New Zealand’s upcoming Symposium at the end of August.  The event is being held in Christchurch at Lincoln University.  Thanks to Tomatoes NZ and the Society I will be delivering a presentation on the current situation and future opportunities in the greenhouse sector

Like most industries the vegetable greenhouse industry has shrunk in terms of businesses but increased in acreage over the past 25 years.  A lack of returns from domestic and international markets has contributed to a massive reduction to upgrade with new technology available worldwide.  Example, lighting systems are not being introduced due to high capital/op-ex costs even though the return on investment is achievable in a relatively quick time.

I will touch on the following during my presentation:


  1. Energy
  2. Labour
  3. Old Structures/recapitalisation/re-purposing
  4. Pests and Disease
  5. Border Incursions
  6. Compliance
  7. Opportunities:



Below are Registration options:

Click on this link to register https://www.agronomysociety.org.nz/50th-symposium

Registration type Symposium attendance options
1 day only Both days Wednesday dinner
1. Member $95.00 $165.00 $75.00
2. Non-member $110.00 $200.00 $75.00
3. Student $75.00 $125.00 $75.00
4. Online only $100.00 $75.00





Agronomy Society of New Zealand Symposium

August 31st – 1st September, 2022

Lincoln University, New Zealand

THEME: Environmental impact and solutions for arable and horticultural farm systems


Programme below

DAY 1: Wednesday  31st  August (10:00 am – 5:00 pm)
10:15 am President’s Welcome Craig McGill
10:25 am Ambling in agriculture Nick Pyke/ AGMARDT
10:55 am Nutrient management for arable systems FAR
11:00 am Irrigation scheme nutrient management in an arable dense area Eva Harris,

Irrigo Centre

11:20 am Nitrogen use efficiency Dirk Wallace,


11:40 am Soil testing for improved nitrogen management Mike Beare,

Plant & Food Research

12:05 pm Agronomic decisions for crop nitrogen management Murray Craighead,

Nutrient Solutions

12:30 pm LUNCH
1:15 pm Soil protection Ballance Agrinutrients
1:20 pm Creating catch crop options for winter forage grazing – lessons from a 3-year sustainable farming project. Peter Carey/Brendon Malcolm,

Agritech/Plant & Food Research

1.40 pm Sustainable Vegetable Systems Andrew Barber,

Potatoes NZ

2.00 pm Changes and impacts of tillage in cropping systems Trish Fraser,

Plant & Food Research

2:20 pm Soil structure & water storage Wei Hu,

Plant & Food Research

2:40 pm Runoff for cropping farms  & guidelines for setbacks Abie Horrocks,


3:30 pm Regenerative agriculture Chair: David Birkett
3:35 pm Regenerative Agriculture – A new Zealand Agronomist’s view Derrick Moot,

Lincoln University

3:50 pm What regenerative agriculture means in a New Zealand context Charles Merfield,

Lincoln University

4:05 pm Regenerative Agriculture – a consultant’s perspective Canaan Ahu,


4:20 pm Reducing pesticide/fungicide use in New Zealand arable systems Hamish Marr,

Marr Farms

4.35 pm

5.00 pm

Panel discussion

Wrap up and Finish

6:30 pm Anniversary Dinner

·         Drinks

·         Meal

·         Sponsor talk

·         Key note speaker – Michael Dunbier

Lincoln University
DAY 2: Thursday 1st September (8:30 am – 3:00 pm)
8:50 am Greenhouse gases and carbon sequestration Hill Laboratories
8:55 am Pine versus native trees for sequestration Bradley Case,


9:15 am Greenhouse gas emissions from arable and vegetable cropping systems Steve Thomas/Sam McNally

Plant & Food Research, Maanaki Whenua Landcare Research

9:35 am Greenhouse gas emissions from perennial horticultural systems Brent Clothier,

Plant & Food Research

9.55 am He Waka Eke Noa Michelle Sands,


10.15 am Climate change & cropping systems Jim Salinger,

Victoria University

10:35 am MORNING TEA
11:05 am Options for farm diversification Sponsor update
11:10 am Hops – what is the potential and direction Ron Beatson/Kerry Templeton

Plant & Food Research

11:30 am Glasshouse crops Stefan Vogrincic,


11:50 pm Pure oil – a value added story Nick Murney,

Pure Oil NZ

12:10 pm


Hemp – can it live up to the hype? Jo Townshend, Andrew Davidson

Midland Holdings

12.30 pm Farming diversification and processing opportunities Dennis Carter

Carter Seed Mgmt

12:50 pm LUNCH
1:35 pm Extracting value from commodity products Sponsor talk
1.40 pm


Future proofing farming – precision principles in vegetable systems Dan Bloomer,


2.00 pm Precision Ag for Future Farm Systems Ian Yule,

PlantTech Research Institute

2:20 pm Oats: adding value Keith Armstrong,

Global Oats Ltd

2:40 pm Diverse products for diverse markets Ivan Lawrie,


3.00 pm Wrap up and Finish



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