Aug 2019

NZ Horticulture Conference 2019

NZ Horticulture Conference 2019

Review and Photo Gallery

Congratulations to Horticulture NZ for this year’s very successful conference at Mystery Creek. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference, it was jam packed full of interesting and informative presentations.  I don’t think there was one presentation whereby I didn’t learn something new or provoke some further thought on my part.  Writing for Grower2grower I try to focus on the technical aspects of growing, so it was great to have the opportunity to attend presentations focusing on greenhouse innovation, some of  which I will be covering over upcoming editions of Grower2Grower.


Below is my photo gallery and comments


The Presenters:

It was great to see Hon Damien O’Connor, Minister of Agriculture, Biosecurity, Food Safety, Rural Communities and Minister of Stage for Trade and Export Growth attend the conference. The partnership between government and growers is absolutely essential.


Prof. Sir Peter Gluckman’s key note presentation on Advanced Breeding Technology was simply fascinating.  I highly recommend, if it is available from Horticulture NZ, you read a copy of his presentation. 


Anthony Tringham co-owner of Curious Croppers presentation on utilising Social Media was informative and as usual when Anthony speaks, it was very easy to be engaged.


Simon Watson, Managing Director of NZ Hothouse Ltd presented a brutally honest account of a Health and Safety incident that changed, for the better, measures how the company now deals with H & S.  An extremely good example for other companies to follow.  Well done Simon and NZ Hothouse.


The Twins (no relation) Professor David Hughes, Imperial College London and David Hughes, Plant and Food Reaserch together provided an entertaining presentation considering global food trends and the opportunities they present for NZ.  Plenty of food for thought whether you agreed or not.


There were other very interesting thought-provoking presentations, that cross my boundaries into the political spectrum, but I would just like to point out that chicken, that is not chicken, is actually not chicken and minced meat that is not minced meat is actually not minced meat.  It may look like chicken, taste like chicken and feel like chicken but it is plant based and deceiving the brain into thinking it is chicken is deception.   The processes to produce the ‘fake’ chicken is mind boggling, crazy and scary enough for me to actually have an opinion!  Just wait until the tomato that’s not a tomato but is actually an animal-based product is produced, imagine the Real Beefstake Tomato 🙂  Even better it can be marketed right next to the fruit and vegetable section in your local grocery store!


The Pavilion:  With over 25 exhibitors the pavilion had something for everyone:


Tom Chen, Beaulieu Technical Textiles


Daniel Deere and Kimberly Woelke from Pure LED


Scott Richardson and Crystal Jones from Hills Laboratories


Kay Airey from Primary ITO


There was plenty of space for the 600 delegates.


The Dinner:


Ben Smith, T&G and Tomatoes NZ Board member speaking with Karen Orr and Helen Barnes, Business Manager from Tomatoes NZ


The NZ Hothouse lads, and fellow Tomatoes NZ Board members Simon Watson and Lex Dillon


Special mention for Barry O’Neil, Horticulture NZ President and Chairman of Tomatoes NZ for a tireless effort during the conference.  Great work Barry. 


A special thanks to Karen Orr, Business Manager for Horticulture NZ/TNZ, and Andrew Bristol, Communications Manager for Horticulture NZ, for support in organising attendance, at the conference, for myself and Marie.


Special mention to Plant & Food Research for their well thought out display in the exhibition hall and their presentations.


I appreciate your comments.  Please feel free to comment below or on the grower2grower Facebook page:


Photos and comments from Stefan Vogrincic, Consultant, Grower2Grower

Article Edited by Marie Vogrincic, Editor, Grower2Grower



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