Oct 2020

Powerplant’s Announces New Partnership with Advanced Hort

Powerplant’s Announces New Partnership with Advanced Hort

Key account management for New Zealand


Advanced Hort is very excited to announce a new Strategic Partnership with Powerplants Australia.

Advanced Hort has recently joined forces with Powerplants Australia to help service the New Zealand Horticulture Industry. Nathan Hewson, the Managing Director has spent the last 12 months working in Australia, receiving product and technical training from the team at Powerplants on a wide variety of products, equipment and machinery that is designed and specialised for the Horticultural industry. After living between New Zealand and Australia for some time, Nathan is back in New Zealand permanently to bring this new knowledge with him, to help service new and existing clients right across the country, helping them find efficiencies in their new or current systems.

Nathan is responsible for the day to day operations as well as Key Account Management for New Zealand. Nathan's role also includes overseeing system design and recommendations for all New Zealand customer inquiries that come through Powerplants. Advanced Hort offers a wide range of services from system design, equipment supply, installation, and system maintenance service and support. Advanced Hort’s product offering will be very similar to Powerplant's current offering.  While Advanced Hort is a Authorized Priva Dealer, there is extensive knowledge of other horticulture irrigation and climate control systems.

Advanced Hort’s primary focus is to provide service and maintenance to existing as well as providing new specialist equipment to all sectors of the horticultural industry, with experience in large scale substrate berry production, hydro vegetable and lettuce production as well as Govt/R&D facilities and nurseries. Since partnering with Powerplants, Advanced Hort is able to offer a much wider range of horticultural equipment that any other horticultural service provider in the country. Some of the key products that Advanced Hort is servicing and supplying are

  1. computer controls and water/fertigation units
  2. climate controllers
  3. climate systems such as lighting
  4. circulation fans
  5. screen systems and ride-on sprayers
  6.  labour management/tracking systems
  7. nursery automation equipment including side shifting and automated benching systems.

Image above is Priva Nutrijet systems supplied by Advanced Hort


Advanced Hort is also partnered with a number of other suppliers to be able to provide full turn key solutions for major projects right down to supply only of irrigation fittings or consumables.

Simon Gomme Commercial Director at Powerplants made the following Statement  ”We are very excited at having Advanced Hort as a partner for the New Zealand market. There are a lot of opportunities for our solutions in New Zealand and Nathan has an excellent technical skillset and great market knowledge.”

Advanced Hort’s Managing Director, Nathan Hewson: "I am very excited to be partnering with Powerplants which is part of the PB tec group. The PB tec group is one of the main horticultural system providers in Europe and North America and has experience with undertaking projects on a global scale. This strategic partnership will enable Advanced Hort to offer New Zealand growers the best technology available, backed up with vast knowledge and experience. It is also exciting to see Advanced Hort currently working on some large-scale projects that will be a first for New Zealand.”


For enquires please give the team at Advanced Hort a call today

Nathan Hewson
Managing Director of Advanced Hort

M: 027 378 5481

Office: 07 220 9639

E: nathan.hewson@advancedhort.co.nz
W: www.advancedhort.co.nz



Image of Priva Groscales supplied by Advanced Hort. 

Image of Side shifting benches supplied by Advanced Hort


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