Dec 2022

Problems with Iron in your Water?

Problems with Iron in your Water?
Here’s one simple and cost-effective solution

If you are experiencing excess Iron and/or Manganese in your water supply, HydroBoost have a cost effective and easy to implement solution that could work for you.

The core Hydroboost technology has been developed by an ex-Canterbury farmer, (and manufactured in New Zealand), over the last 11 years and is being used by many Agri customers across the country. A number of them are using the HydroBoost technology to reduce Iron and Manganese from their source water supply with good results – and without additional chemical input. Others are using it to improve Plant Growth while others use it to clean Effluent Ponds and improve Stock Health.

In one example, a North Canterbury farmer had brown water coming out of his pipes with his bath water looking more like a prop from a horror movie than something to have a relaxing soak and a glass of red wine (see the video on https://hydroboost.co.nz/water-quality-tank-water-cleaned-in-4-months/)

A Hydroboost unit was installed in his water tank and within 2 months, there was a significant drop in Iron and Manganese. After 4 months, the water passed Drinking Water Standards, was clear, looked good and was drinkable. The observed results showed a 99% reduction in Iron and 92% reduction in Manganese, (view the captured dataset) see the charts below.

Based on experience with previous installations, it can take 3 to 6 weeks before changes in the water are seen. The timeline and percentage of Iron reduction may differ from site to site, but based on other customers using the technology, it has been shown to provide good results.

In reducing Iron and manganese from water, the potential benefits are;

  • Increased life span of irrigation infrastructure
  • Greater water flow – less ‘clogging’ of pipes
  • Better tasting and smelling water
  • Improved pant growth and health

The HydroBoost technology uses low powered RF energy to change the water to Structured water as defined by Professor Gerald Pollack.

As well, Colic and Morse (1998), wrote, “The magnetic water memory effect is probably one of the most challenging problems of modern physical chemistry. It is well known to many engineers that water treated with magnetic or electromagnetic fields retains the modified properties for hours or days. Such modified water is used to reduce scale deposition onto metallic surfaces, enhance cement hydration, or enhance the growth rate of plants and animals. The existence of the magnetic memory of water was a rather anecdotal phenomenon until recently when the members of several laboratories reported sophisticated physical-chemical measurements which quantified this exciting process.”

The task to install a HydroBoost unit is relatively easy with the ongoing cost being electricity, (a dedicated single phase three pin plug is required), effectively similar consumption as a laptop charger.

If you are having problems with Iron in your water and are looking for a cost-effective method that does not require chemicals, then HydroBoost have a solution for your business. Call them and have a discussion around how it could help your business.


For more information contact

Michael Dennis

Business Development

View Improvement in Grass Growth on a Dairy Farm

e:  michael.dennis@hydroboost.co.nz

w: https://hydroboost.co.nz/

m: 021 362-900





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