Jun 2023

T&G launches new global premium apple variety

T&G launches new global premium apple variety
T&G Global has today (14th June 2023) launched Joli™, a new global premium apple variety, which joins the company’s established portfolio of Envy™ and JAZZ™ apple brands.

Joli™, which global consumers will be able to enjoy from 2028 onwards, is the result of over ten years of innovation. Developed in Aotearoa New Zealand, Joli™ is a productive, large, full-flavoured bright red juicy apple which appeals to both consumers and growers, with trees producing high yielding, high colour fruit.

T&G Global Chief Executive, Gareth Edgecombe, says Joli™ harnesses New Zealand’s great intellectual property and its addition to the company’s premium apple portfolio will help build a stronger horticulture sector.

“New Zealand has an enviable global reputation for innovating, developing and sourcing the world’s best plant genetics and growing world-class premium apples, and T&G’s growth strategy is focused on utilising this to create value for our growers, regional communities and economy. This is critical in order to succeed in what is a highly fragmented and commoditised global apple market,” says Gareth.

“The launch of Joli™ builds off the success of T&G’s premium Envy™ and JAZZ™ brands, perfectly complementing them by appealing to a different group of global consumers.

“Joli™ is an outstanding apple with fantastic attributes. It’s a bright shiny large red apple, with a full-flavoured balanced sweetness, which bursts with juiciness. Joli’s™ size and taste profile make it a perfect everyday premium apple for sharing occasions.

“For growers, Joli™ has very strong orcharding attributes, including high levels of output and the ability to grow throughout New Zealand. Furthermore, Joli’s™ harvest profile balances our premium JAZZ™ and Envy™ brands, harvesting in mid to late March,” says Gareth.

A new variety requires a team effort and Joli™ is the result of VentureFruit®, T&G’s IP management and commercialisation business, working closely with innovation company Prevar and Plant & Food Research in New Zealand, who work in collaboration on the world-renowned pipfruit breeding programme, to deliver new varieties that meet both current and future market opportunities.

“Over ten years of development by Plant & Food Research has resulted in this new variety. Using natural breeding techniques, they cultivated the plant material to develop its unique traits and worked with the likes of Prevar and our VentureFruit® team to conduct extensive growing trials to ensure the tree grows well in different environments, copes with various climatic conditions, produces great tasting fruit and that the fruit stores well,” says Gareth.

“We are excited to be a part of this momentous milestone for T&G, VentureFruit® and Prevar, as well as the New Zealand industry. We look forward to supporting the Joli™ brand’s global growth plans with ongoing technical support in partnership with Plant & Food Research” says Tony Martin, Prevar’s Chief Executive.

VentureFruit® General Manager, Morgan Rogers, says “VentureFruit® works closely with many global breeders, including Plant & Food Research, as they develop new apple varieties and other produce categories to address not only consumers’ preferences, but the performance of the variety against diseases, growing potential and postharvest considerations, such as its ability to hold its quality and freshness – which is especially critical for Aotearoa’s horticultural export sector. Joli™ was T&G’s pick for the next addition to its premium apple portfolio due to its excellent performance across the key metrics T&G values most.”

T&G is the global exclusive license holder for growing, marketing and selling the variety, which is branded as Joli™, and plans to plant 27 hectares on its own orchards over the next three years. T&G is also seeking Expressions of Interest from independent growers across Aotearoa New Zealand to be part of the commercial growing pilot. Over the next five to six years, as additional trees become available, T&G will extend the opportunity to growers in other countries.


Interested New Zealand-based growers can obtain more information about this opportunity, by contacting growingenquiries@tandg.global


For media enquiries, please contact:

Angela Hayes

Communications Manager

T&G Global Limited

+64 21 190 5495



About T&G Global

T&G Global’s story began 125 years ago as Turners and Growers, and today the business helps grow healthier futures for people around the world. As a part of the BayWa Global Produce family, T&G is located in 13 countries and its team of 1,600 people both grow and partner with over 1,200 growers to market, sell and distribute nutritious fresh produce to customers and consumers in over 60 countries. It does this guided by kaitiakitanga – treating the land, people, produce, resources, and community with the greatest of respect and care, as guardians of their future. www.tandg.global


About VentureFruit®

VentureFruit® is a T&G Global company, offering independent variety management services to plant breeders and owners, growers and sales and marketing companies. With over a century of knowledge, VentureFruit® was launched in 2021 and is determined to be the leader in the variety management space, constantly seeking opportunities to commercialise exciting new plant varieties with the highest potential to succeed. Its expertise and success in cultivar development and commercialisation services has been honed over the last 25 years’ and is demonstrated through strong consumer orientated brands, including JAZZ™, Envy™, Pacific Rose™ and Pacific Queen™. https://venturefruit.com/


About Joli™

Joli™ is a registered trademark owned by the T&G group of companies. It was developed in Aotearoa New Zealand and patented in 2023. Joli™ is currently in its commercial pilot growing phase, grown under license by T&G in Aotearoa New Zealand. Joli™ apples will be sold in export markets from 2028.


About Envy™
Envy™ is a registered trademark owned by the T&G group of companies. It was developed in Aotearoa New Zealand and patented in 2009. Envy™ is grown under license by T&G in selected prime apple growing regions across the globe, including Aotearoa New Zealand, North America, South Africa, Australia, and Europe. Envy™ apples have become an international success story with global demand, sold and distributed in over 60 countries. www.envyapple.com


About JAZZ™

JAZZ™ is a registered trademark owned by the T&G group of companies, that refers to the Scifresh apple variety. Originating in Aotearoa New Zealand, it was developed by Plant & Food Research and patented in 2003. JAZZ™ is grown under license by T&G in prime apple growing regions across the globe, including Aotearoa New Zealand, USA, Chile, South Africa, UK, Europe and Australia. www.jazzapple.com/nz/


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